July 1, 2009
Thanks for your patience as I continue to work on getting everything updated and added to the new site.  But right now, I'm happy to share a session from earlier this spring.  And it's fitting that my first photo post is one of my favorite families to photograph (and hang out with)!  You'll (hopefully) continue to see lots of Violet and her older brother on the site.  This was Violet's 9-month session at Minnehaha Park.  Gosh she's cute!  Here are a few of my favorites...

And before I forget, the old blog will stay up for a little while for newcomers to glance back. Here's the link: www.kehphotography.typepad.com

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Annamay says:

Violet is too cute. And I love how you captured her gorgeous blue eyes. Congratulations on your new site!

(07.03.09 @ 09:30 AM)