November 11, 2009
A couple of weeks ago I said goodbye to a companion (of sorts) of 13 years.  The time finally came to trade in my Corolla.  It may seem silly to some.  You'll say "it's just a car".  True, really, it's just a car.  But this little, reliable car became so entwined with so many memories that each time I thought about getting rid of it... well, I can get pretty sentimental.  This was my first and only car.  I purchased it a few weeks before heading off to Denver for graduate school.  So during those first two years it made multiple trips between Colorado and Minnesota.  To name but a small handful... it has brought me to Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Detroit to see baseball.  To Columbus to see Ohio State football.  To Dyersville, Iowa to see the "Field of Dreams" on my 25th birthday.  To hundreds of movies and malls and restaurants and photo sessions.  It has been a place to laugh, cry, and sing (usually really loud and really bad).  A place to have meaningful and silly conversations.  It was an easy place to think and sometimes have great ideas (and some not-so-great ideas).  It never, ever left me stranded on the side of the road.  It amazingly made it through some pretty bad (Colorado & MN) snow storms.  All this and asked for little in return -  oil changes, tires, an oxygen sensor, a timing belt.  Little really, for what it gave.  So while I was beyond thrilled to finally be picking up my new Prius (!), I just kept thinking "please don't cry at the dealer".   Thankfully I was so giddy about the new car that I was distracted about what I would soon be leaving behind.  But as I was driving off the lot all those emotions I was dreading came and came quickly.  Why does it make me so sad.  It's just a car, right.  It doesn't know I'm leaving it.  We had 206,185 miles together.

When I bought the Corolla the dealer took this picture the day I picked it up and then mailed it to me (laminated in wallet size).  So while the quality of the image scan is bad (and I'm wearing jean shorts!) I thought it was fun to share. 

And now my nearly 8 years of no car payments has come to an end. :)  I've thought about the Prius for years.  I love it!  Now to decide what our first roadtrip will be!


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Nancy says:

I love the story about your old car! I wish you a great time making new memories involving your Prius!

(11.17.09 @ 12:10 PM)