Ok, it's time to talk a little Brandi Carlile.  If you're new to the blog let me quickly catch you up to speed... I think she is amazing.  She's better than pumpkin pie, heated car seats, The Closer, Chipotle, road trips, baseball and diet coke combined.  Oh yeah, that good.  Now that you know the depth of my feelings for Brandi, on to why I write about her today... it was recently announced that Brandi Carlile will be part of this year's Cities 97 Sampler Release Party.  Getting tickets to this event requires winning them.  Oh, the odds are stacked against me.  So I'm throwing my virtual penny into the internet wishing well.  Internet, I would happily trade a family/kids session (and my forever gratitude) for a pair of tickets. :)


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Annamay says:

Oh, this has to be killing you. Are you going to be trying every day to be the 21st caller? I'll try for you (and me) when I can....

(11.06.09 @ 07:07 PM)