After a recent move (which involved leaving behind her bunk beds - a good decision), my 9-year-old niece, Jocelin, was in need of a room makeover. How could I resist all the things I love... Jocelin, planning a surprise, choosing bedding, picking out art for the walls, perfecting all the little details, and just overall creating a space for a kid that feels comfortable and cute. I told my sister I wanted to help and asked her if I could re-do Jocelin's room. She said sure, and that was all I needed to hear to start (somewhat obsessively) planning and shopping. I had so much fun and was so excited knowing this would be a complete surprise. Then last weekend, with the help of an awesome friend, the makeover took place. So while Jocelin was away we cleaned and assembled furniture and decorated the walls and... 6 hours later, exhausted, the room was complete. I wasn't there for the "big reveal", but I got a phone call from one very excited, surprised, 9-year old girl when she got home. She said she felt like a princess. Yay! She should feel like a princess. :)



I spent hours and hours and hours on (I'm officially addicted) looking for art. It really is an awesome place to find such cute, unique, affordable, fun art. I'm excited to share some of the fun things I found. I'll do another etsy-specific post soon with more of my "favorite sellers", but I'll start here with a couple artists I used for Jocelin's room...

Falldowntree - if I had baby's room (or younger kid's room) to decorate I would definitely be doing more shopping here!  Check out the "Bird Band" print.  Could it be any cuter!?  Seriously. I love his stuff! I'm keeping his prints in mind for future kid/baby gifts.

falldowntree.jpgFlapperdoodle - another fun find on etsy.  I actually originally ordered the cats print and the polaroid camera print for myself, but then decided to use them for Jocelin's room (and ordered a third print).  With so much other color in that area of the room, I thought it might work well to have some black and white drawings.

flapperdoodle.jpgI'll be hanging the last (4) photos I ordered from etsy this week (unfortunately the frames didn't arrive in time for last weekend). I'll share those soon once I have a photo...

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Annamay says:

Krysten, this is wonderful! Will you re-do my house, too? It just gave me chills to see the transformation.

(01.14.10 @ 10:52 PM)
Nancy says:

You did a wonderful job of transforming this room into a place any girl would love to call her own.

(07.02.10 @ 01:12 AM)