My main motivation to pull this image out of the "archives" (and scan it) is because this little guy, Brady, is graduating from high school this year! I've known Brady's family for over 20 years. Starting in high school they became like a second family to me. They did so much for a girl they had no obligation to, and I'm forever amazed and thankful. I was living with Brady's family the summer he was born, the summer before I left for college. So to think he is graduating is crazy. :) I think this photo is how I most picture Brady though. You know how you can freeze someone in time (even when you've seen them since).

This photo... I had signed up for an Intro Photography class just because I wanted something more in my life, something fun - I didn't have any thoughts or expectations it would be more than that at the time. I took this image for one of our class assignments. I've always felt this was my first "real" photo. At the time I didn't know where I would go with photography - that I would go anywhere and certainly not what form that would take. But funny enough, looking at this photo, it was always in there and somehow I knew it all along. I should have paid more attention and saved myself a little time. ;)


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