The fact that we can be overcome with joy and so much happiness at any given moment (if we allow ourselves) was so perfectly illustrated by Jack. This is not his first time at this beach, nor his last, but wouldn't it have to be one of those options for us to be quite this excited -- or we might be excited, but would we so freely express it from the tip of our nose to the tips of our toes. I think about the joy that comes from that kind of expression.

Before we headed for the beach, Jack and I were standing in his front yard where they have a little fountain. Jack told me he was making a wish and threw a rock into the fountain. I asked him what he had wished for. He said "to be a grown-up, like you". And I thought, I sometimes wish I could be a kid, like you. And then we went to the beach and I thought, yes, definitely a kid like you. :)

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Annamay says:

I love these pictures! They make me want to book the next flight to a beach somewhere. My favorite is the last one, where he s running toward the water. Awesome!

(06.27.10 @ 11:10 PM)