I'm back for my second installment of "things that make me happy". I think I'm going to try and post this every two weeks. I realize (at least so far) that it makes me pause to think about the past two weeks. It made me remember moments (some included here), that I think I would have forgotten and not appreciated them for what they gave me.

michael cera | my love affair with Michael Cera began years ago with "Arrested Development". My experience has been that you either love or hate this show. (I just have to think about the cornballer and I start laughing.) And then there was Michael Cera in "Juno" (sigh). And most recently "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World". I have to say I thought this movie was super funny. But, for me, Michael Cera can pretty much do anything and I think it's funny.

playing puppets with my niece | last week Jocelin and I got someplace early (story of my life!) and so we had some time to pass (in the car). I had my camera bag, which meant I had my finger puppets and she suggested we play puppets. So we selected puppets like team captains and gave them names (Jos: flutter, pancakes (best name ever!) and pancho; me: molly, nugget and cece). What I loved most about this... it was a much needed reminder to use our imagination more. Kids tap into their imagination in a split-second. Granted, as adults, maybe it isn't always appropriate to break out the puppets when we have some extra time to pass. But how often do we use that time to do something practical or maybe even mindless. Next time try tapping into your imagination and see where it takes you.

puppets_blog.jpgice cream | ok, so I wish ice cream didn't make me happy. But the reality is, it makes me happy. Why can't broccoli or peas make me happy?! A couple of weeks ago, Jocelin and I went to Izzy's for some ice cream. Salted Caramel. Midnight Snack. Lemon Custard. Oreo. So many "happy" options. But really, the best part was (again) seeing Jocelin's excitement over the "izzy" - she thinks it's the coolest. Don't know about the "izzy"... well, I've just given you an excuse to get some ice cream. :)

baby giraffes | how can you resist a baby animal. So when I heard there was a new baby giraffe at the Como Zoo, Jocelin and I had to go visit him. It's so little and so cute. I've never really appreciated how grand giraffes are, until you see a baby next to an adult giraffe. And you don't realize how little the baby is until you see it next to it's mom. It's worth a trip to the zoo...

comozoo_081710_09-Edit.jpgcomozoo_081710_11-Edit.jpggriaffe.jpgscala and kolacny brothers | I can't say this music makes me "happy" but I think it's really cool and I'm kind of loving it right now - so I wanted to share. They first caught my attention when I saw the movie trailer for "The Social Network" and had to find out who was singing the "Creep" cover (which, sadly, isn't on itunes yet). But I encourage you to check out their album "One-Winged Angel" (especially their cover of "The Blower's Daughter").

What made you happy recently?

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