I thought it might be fun to (attempt to regularly) share some things that make me happy. Maybe you'll take a moment to think about some things that made you happy today... or last week. Maybe this will get me to pay attention more to when I'm happy. Maybe I'll share something that you didn't know about and then it can make you happy too. Or maybe this idea will end up being lame. Or maybe it won't. ;) Here it goes...

polar bears | a few weeks ago my niece and I participated in a really fun class at the como zoo called "Polar Nights and Northern Lights". It was an overnight class -- so yes, we slept at the zoo, but the polar bears were securely tucked away for the night. ;)

elvis radio | I recently discovered Elvis Radio on my satellite radio. All Elvis, all the time! I also discovered that if I'm crabby when I'm driving, I just need to turn on Elvis Radio and within minutes I'm car-dancing to Elvis. You truly can't help but feel happy.

lawn mowers that start | I learned that running out of oil (my fear, so I keep adding oil), can be as bad as putting in too much oil. Opps. So this week I learned all about draining oil, spark plugs and air filters. And I successfully fixed the mower. And I won't make that oil mistake again!

canoeing | this past friday I took my annual canoe trip with my friend Jandeen. (Well, we call it a trip even if it's just from Taylors Falls to Osceola.) :) I love that this has become a tradition for us! And this year we had perfect weather. Everything about the day was perfect.

air conditioning | I think this one speaks for itself.

I didn't take very many photos on our zoo adventure, but here are a few. It was so cool to be at the zoo without crowds of people. It was almost like the animals were happy to see us. Oh, and that's Jocelin pretending to be a polar bear -- she was kind of a bear at bedtime. ;)


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