Last week I was in Las Vegas for WPPI, a huge annual photography convention. We are talking thousands and thousands and thousands of photographers. There were many highlights and moments that I wanted to wrap up tightly so I could take them home and open them up when I need a little boost. Little reminders for my heart.

One of the highlights of the trip was a sunrise concert in the desert. How cool is that? And one of the musicians is one of my favorite people. Last summer I attended Jesh de Rox's workshop and to say it chan
ged my life wouldn't be an exaggeration. So besides being a brilliant photographer and just all-around-amazing person, he is an awesome singer/songwriter too.

Thank you Jesh, Sam, Lauren and many others. My heart left Las Vegas full. For that I'm grateful.

And before we get onto some photos... a quick shout-out to the stunningly perfect sunrise desert li
ght. :)

Setting up. Burrr, it was chilly!
wppi_022211_038-01.jpgJesh de Rox.
wppi_022211_073-04.jpgKelli Schaefer.
The Ravishers.

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Brenna says:

awesome pics Krysten. what i wouldn't give for a sunrise concert in the desert! that sounds utterly amazing. glad you got away!

(02.28.11 @ 08:24 PM)
krysten says:

thanks brenna! i feel fortune to have had the opportunity. :)

(03.01.11 @ 11:46 AM)