This past week my heart was filled with such joy and gratitude for someone I've never met, actually someone I don't even know. I'm happy that this blog gives me the opportunity to share the story and to thank her...

I recently had a new family contact me to schedule a session for this summer. I always try to ask how a new client heard about me. Not only am I curious, but it's helpful information. She emailed me back quickly and sent me a link to how she found me. It was a link to a blog called "Design Mom". That blogger (who is in Denver) had done a recent post about family photos and asked her readers if they had "seen any terrific family photos lately?".

In the comments was a link to my website along with this text...

"I never understood why I bookmarked this photographer's site a year or so ago, since I'm on the east coast and she's in the Minneapolis area (and we weren't even in the market for a family photographer!). Perhaps it was so that I could send you the information when you asked. I thought she did some lovely work."

It goes without saying how super cool and amazing it is that someone from Minneapolis happens to see this comment and contacts me to schedule a session (what are the odds?). But even more than that, it's overwhelming to me to know that someone out there - someone I don't know - someone who has no obligation to me - took the time to write that comment. I'm moved by the selflessness of this. So, from my whole heart, thank you Lola G. Thank you. :)

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Brenna says:

That is so awesome.. shows you what a small and good world it is ;-) You are so talented Krysten--and I LOVE your Vegas pics, especially the second from the bottom of the ground and horizon. Amazing!

(03.17.11 @ 09:10 PM)