Honestly, all this cold and gloom is making me feel, well, cold and gloomy. So I thought maybe it's time to think about some happiness. I try to keep a list of random things that make me happy - I just write it down when I think of it (more like when I remember to write it down) so when it comes time to blog I'll be ready.

Apparently, at some point in the past few months, paper towels made me happy - so happy that they made it on the list. I think this was a time when I had run out of paper towels. Not a single select-a-size (awesome idea btw) in the house. That is when you truly realize how much better your life is with paper towels. Sometimes it's the little things. And now for a few other things that have contributed to happy feelings over the winter. This installment focuses mostly on food and tv - but it was winter...

Punch Pizza | It's the best. There I've said it and declared it as my favorite. This is hard to do with pizza, but Punch wins.

Grey's Anatomy | Oh how I love you Grey's Anatomy. I think I added you to the list after that amazing, heart-stopping, thought-I-was-going-to-have-an-attack-of-some-sort, gun man episode. You have come back this season in full force. I'll forgive you that musical episode. Oh, are we not supposed to talk about that. ;)

Culver's Mint Oreo Concrete | I don't know that any further explanation is necessary.

Mad Men | I've joined the bandwagon a little late, but now I'm fully on-board. I watched the first season and thought it was all-right/pretty good, but didn't get what all the hype was about. So I kept watching. And by the end of season two I was officially hooked. Unable to wait for Netflix, I patiently waited for morning to come (and Target to open) and purchased season three. Now I'm just starting the fourth season. So good. And I kind of want to be Joan.

Books | I love finding a really great book to read. Those books that you stay up way too late to read just one more chapter. You don't mind waiting while you get your oil changed because it gives you a chance to read more. You actually turn off Mad Men to read more. ;) Here are a few of some of my absolute favorites. Love them! And one that I just recently read. A different kind of read from the others. But I loved it and couldn't and put it down. The Hunger Games (and the two follow-up books). Wow.


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Brenna says:

I've never been a culver's fan. But, I may just have to commission my hubby to run out and get me one of those mint oreo concretes! (no, i'm not pregnant, just needing my ice cream fix!!). Oh, and I share your love of paper towels--I felt the same way about tissues and wet wipes recently...

(05.16.11 @ 08:24 PM)