friday night i returned home from the most amazing, heart-filling week spent with 18 other artists from around the world. perhaps i'll write more about this experience later if i can find the words...

but barely 24 hours after getting home, my heart already at capacity, it was almost surreal that I was now at the minnesota zoo's outdoor amphitheater, on a beautiful night, to see brandi carlile. that voice. with such feeling. what a perfect conclusion to a perfect week. and she closed the show with "hallelujah". gets me every time. sigh.


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andy stenz says:

i love brandi and i'm so jealous that 1) you were there and 2) took some awesome photos ;-)

(08.16.11 @ 06:37 AM)
krysten says:

thanks andy! it's really great to hear from you! hopefully you can catch her near your city sometime soon. hope you are doing well. :)

(08.17.11 @ 07:07 AM)