i have this amazing group of friends from all around the world. each month we set a date and a bunch of us get together online. like a big skype party. and we have an "assignment" each month. this month's assignment sparked my interest and i was able to find the time to give it a try.

the assignment... choose a day (a pretty normal day) and take a photograph of something in front of you every 30 minute from the time you wake up until bed. i had to set my phone to remind me every 30 minutes. every 30 minutes comes fast! i was pretty good. there were some times it just wasn't possible (during class), but then i just shot a couple more on break. :)

it was so fun. and meaningful. i chose to do it on my iphone so my "big" camera wouldn't become a barrier to doing it. plus, it wasn't about big cameras and photoshop. that wasn't the point. the process made you stop and look around. notice things that you didn't notice before. to look up at the sky. be in the moment. find beauty and joy in those everyday moments. i might try to do this once a month. oh, and i could try to post it on the first of every month. ok, no promises. ;)

i encourage you to try it! let me know how it goes...

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AnnB says:

I love this! I think I might need to try it on my drive to Omaha, cuz what else are you going to do on a drive to Omaha? I also want that overhead light found in 30min-4.jpg picture series. :)

(02.02.12 @ 04:06 PM)
Tammy says:

Wow! I love this. And your day looks so interesting. Looking forward to next time.

(02.06.12 @ 09:42 AM)