I'm still trying to find the words to describe why photography means so much to me. What mark I want to leave in this field. What draws me in and keeps me inspired. What moves me. I seem to keep coming back to the word connections. The emotions that come from connections. In the most obvious way, it's the connections between people (siblings, parents and kids). But that feeling can be there when there's only one person/child in the image. Whatever it is, I know it when I see it. I feel it when I see it. Lucky for me I get to see it and feel it a lot.

I specialize in photographing kids, babies and families. I'm grateful to all my families who invite me into their lives and are amazingly open. So very grateful.

A few little random things about me... when visiting Seattle one of my favorite things to do is drive by the apartment building from the movie "Singles", I still hold out hope of winning an Oscar for Best Documentary (no, I have never filmed anything, yet), if I could travel back in time I would be front row at an Elvis concert (early years Elvis), if I could be a literary character it would be Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride & Prejudice", a dream photography gig would be touring with Brandi Carlile or on-set of a Cameron Crowe film, I've seen baseball in over half of the major league baseball parks, and it's possible that my favorite place in the world is inside a movie theater.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through the site. Please let me know if you have any questions... or if you have a family that needs photographing. :)

- Krysten