The most asked question. It deserves its own page.

It's tough to give a simple answer. Number one is that you are true to who are. Wear what makes you feel good. Krysten's style of photography fits more with a casual look, so keep that in mind.

A few general suggestions...

Think about keeping it on the casual side | jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts, sweaters, sundresses, flip-flops, etc

Layering is fun | shirts, jackets, scarves, etc

With newborns keep is extra simple | onesies, diapers, sleepers, naked

Try to avoid white socks (they tend to stand out and not in a good way). So colored socks or bare feet are better.

For groups, try to keep within the same tones. Try to avoid being too matchy-matchy. Avoid all white or all black. You can mix patterns and solids.

You are encouraged to bring along multiple outfit options.

A few specific ideas...

Mini Boden | Really cute and fun clothing (and they have an adult site too). This might not be your style, but it can give you an idea of how you can mix-and-match and layer clothing. Also, while I ask that you avoid cartoon characters, images on shirts can be fun. The Boden baby/kid t-shirts are a good example of images that can work well in photos.

Tea | cute, colorful, unique | newborn to 8 years

Gap Kids | A good standby option | simple, clean, work well with layering

Hanna Andersson | colorful, clean/simple patterns